Surround yourself with Inspiration…

Spontaneity without question drives creativity. Some of the best ideas and most inspiring moments come when least expected. I’ve never been a fan of contriving, however I do believe there’s much to be said about being prepared; and building an environment to be inspired. My bike and my feet have always offered me the best escape and environment to let my mind go. So start by finding your oasis, surround yourself in a place or engage in an activity that you love. It’s amazing the power of a positive environment.Go where others can’t easily reach you, turn the phone off or leave it behind. We all deserve an hour of uninterrupted time. The mind can swirl almost instantly with a long list of ideas. Always have a way to record them. It’s easy to tuck away a little notepad or keep your mobile device handy for recording a few quick thoughts. There are several good dictation apps available (I like Dragon Dictation) or simply type a quick note or email with your thoughts. Music is a great motivator…short playlists with your favourite inspiring tunes can also help to get your mind going in a creative direction. What are your ‘must-hear’ playlist tunes?

Think of this as your meditation time, reflect and dream big. Too many hours in front of the computer screen do me in, probably do the same to you! Consider taking this time in the early morning hours before the day gets going, step away on a lunch break or even carve out some early afternoon minutes. The real bonus is you have the power to build an activity into your day wherever it best fits. Finish the day strong, harness the creative energy and inspire yourself to new heights.