One little word…

Inspire. ÂYes, that is my word. ÂI want to. I want to learn from others that do. I want to be Inspire(d). ÂOne little word #olw, and it’s Inspire. ÂPretty big meaning behind this one little word.

I am taking part in Ali Edwards “Big Picture Class” One little word… because, as she puts it: A single word can be a powerful thing. I had to chose a single word (yeah, this was hard for me… ONE.SINGLE.WORD!) that sums up what I wanted for myself in 2011. ÂHeck, I have enough trouble with full run-on sentences when talking, never mind choosing ONE WORD to describe what I want in 2011!! ÂBut I did it… after choosing 2 different ones – but knowing they weren’t quite right – I went back to my original… Inspire. ÂPretty fitting I think since it’s the name of My Company – and it’s something that I hope to do more of.

I am hoping that my One Little Word will evolve into many big things… I can hardly wait!

“Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human experience” ~ Anna Quindlen