The word inspire is, well…inspiring.

I’ve seen many instances where the word ‘inspire’ has been used in advertising lately, perhaps it’s due in part to being tuned in to the very word that is our company name. If I’d called myself anything else I’m certain the word would still resonate. Each time we cross paths with people, places and things we hope to be inspired. Driven to take action, to get involved and hopefully to make a positive difference from our actions. Hamilton seems to me to be an inspired city. It might be the city’s food truck revolution, the waterfalls and hiking trails or maybe the new condo towers springing up all over the lower city. It really doesn’t matter what the inspiration is, but it matters tremendously to BE inspired.

Businesses are being attracted to the city to start and eventually grow here; examples of collaboration and celebrating success are everywhere. The fact remains that healthy economic growth will drive healthy lifestyles. Need is everywhere around us, from food banks to shelters to after school care; we all have a role to play in a prosperous Hamilton. The Christmas season brings this need to the fore more than any other time of the year but I’ll submit that perhaps challenging ourselves to carry the momentum throughout the year will foster sustained improvement. Get involved in a cause, lend some time and expertise and put back into the city that gives us a source of pride. That action to me is the very definition of inspiration.

Go ahead… Be Inspired!

The Grinch…

December 1st…I just wrote DECEMBER… like everyone seems to be saying: where the heck did this year go??!! yes, time is going by way too fast…. However, I am excited – really really excited for December this year! I know – this comes as a surprise doesnât it? I mean really, my favourite Christmas movie isnât âThe Grinchâ for no reason….

This year Iâm excited perhaps because all 3 kids are at that age where they truly believe in the magic of Christmas. This past year has been an emotional one for us – and we wouldnât have made it through without the love and support of our family and friends – and this time of year seems to put even more emphasis on that.

Everyone who truly knows me, knows my thoughts on having December 22nd as my birthday – a mixed bag of happy and sad – but this year Iâm excited – I get to celebrate with a good friend whoâs birthday is close to mine (Look out Rayâs Karaoke – we will be passing out ear plugs at the door!) surrounded by all our friends, but also because I know how blessed I am…

There are so many different charityâs and organizations that are asking for your help, time and money… Our community is not alone. As a family we sponsor another family every Christmas – our kids know why we are buying gifts for them and know that not everyone has the luxuries that we have – like food or socks, never mind the latest toy. So when we received a call from Barry Coe at Mission Services of Hamilton saying they were in a desperate need for toys – we knew we had to do something to help, and are urging you to as well.

While I believe, with my whole heart, that there IS more to Christmas then the opening of gifts – I do know that is hard to explain to a child when they were hoping – with all their heart that Santa would come, and he didn’t.

There are not many things that we’ve asked you to do- but this we are… please drop off a new toy at the Mission Services of Hamilton 325 James Street North (Barton/James St)Âand send us a note to say that youâve done this – or call us and we will come and pick it up from you and deliver. For every toy that is donated Inspire Marketing will purchase a new book to go along with it. Our passion is reading – and believe that no one should be without a new book.

My favourite quote for this time of year… yes I am asking you to bring something from a store – but doing so knowing that giving to someone else in our community will make their Christmas that much better… that is the âlittle bit moreâ

âIt came with out ribbons! It came without tags!â
âIt came without packages, boxes or bags!â
And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadnât before!
âMaybe Christmas,â he thought, âdoesnât come from a store.â
âMaybe Christmasâperhapsâmeans a little bit more!â
~ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss


Inspire Marketing


December 3rd, 2010 -EDITED TO ADD:

We are pleased to announce The Coach and Lantern Pub has partnered with us to help get toys and books into the over 700 families that have registered with the Mission Services of Hamilton Christmas Hamper Program.

We are accepting donations of new toys and childrens book up until Friday December 17th. Please contact us at 905-515-2982 to arrange for pickup of your donation or drop it off at The Coach and Lantern Pub 384 Wilson Street East, Ancaster.

Our passion is reading â and believe that no one should be without a new book.