Say cheese… That’ll be ten bucks.

Instagram has announced some developments around copywriting and ownership of photos. This should come as no surprise in the wake of their purchase by Facebook. Controversy around Facebook privacy and content ownership is nothing new. Our digital footprint is something we need a greater awareness of, the longtail of communications reminds us that posted content and ways in which we’ve engaged via social media are there for the long term.

Much as copy write laws surrounding the Napster debate and subsequent lawsuit by Metallica in 2000 created sweeping change in the peer to peer music file sharing, so is change in today’s idea of who maintains control (or how to maintain control) of your content online. While some may not like to hear this; the fact remains that if you willingly post content to any of your social sites you have effectively defaulted to conceding it will be viewed publicly, shared among those connected to you and in some cases, stolen by others. Being mindful is the order of the day when deciding to post pieces of content or not. While we think about how this affects us from an ownership position, remember; if you’ve posted it, you’ve taken ownership for the fact that others will too.