Running on empty but filling back up…

Line in the sand. Today we start to make it happen.

It isn’t New Years Eve just yet so don’t be thinking you’ve fallen asleep for four weeks. I’ve never been a big believer in the idea of resolutions to begin a new calendar year. Rather, making commitments to deliver for yourself and for others is something that should be a constantly evolving effort.

Hamilton’s Around The Bay Road Race is just about 120 days away. Four months to prepare for the grueling course that rolls out as North Americas oldest road race. We’ve got Boston beat by two years, a city I’d like to run one day but need to reach an ambitious goal time to do that. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It will indeed.

My training has been ongoing all summer and through the fall. Maintaining a regular schedule, consistent workouts that keep your joints and muscles used to the motion, is absolutely imperative. You don’t need to run long distance or race pace, short runs are better than no runs at all. Incremental advances in your runs will boost your capacity for the tougher runs when they come up in your regimen. Putting this blog back on the radar is another component that I need to realize my personal goals.

There are plenty of sample training plans out there, has one such schedule on the race website. Use them to build a program that works for your running plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to best a 5k time, challenge the Around The Bay course, qualify for Boston or just stay fit. Set a goal, draw your line in the sand.

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